Pete Drew Announces Contract with TN House District 15 Constituents

State Representative Candidate Pete Drew in Fighting District 15 is an Independent Candidate. The only other candidate is a heir apparent of 15 members of the local Democrat party.

Former State Representative and 2016 State Representative Candidate Pete Drew after meeting to discuss his campaign

Former State Representative and 2016 State Representative Candidate Pete Drew after meeting to discuss his campaign

Drew has worked in the civil rights movement, successfully getting change to the grocery offerings at Cas Walker Supermarkets. During the era of Cas Walker Supermarkets, the 3-5 day old meat from other area Walker stores were being brought to the Five Points store and was the meat offered at that store. Drew and those protesting were successful in getting change.

Drew worked within the Democrat party and served on the Knox County Commission and two terms as a State Representative, in an effort to save Knoxville College was one of the reasons he worked within the Republican Party.

Drew can work to create an Independent party along side the Republican Party similar to how the NAACP, AFLCIO works along side the Democrat Party.

In meeting with me today, Drew told me that he is entering into a contract with the 15th district. That contract is that he will serve only one term. By serving only one term anyone that would like to have run, can run in 2018.

The Knox County Democrat Party should not give power of incumbency especially to a candidate that has never won any position. A Knox County Democrat decision that rejected a twice elected city councilman who has served as City Mayor had no opportunity.

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1 Response

  1. Hubert Smith says:

    This blind allegiance to the Democrat Party should end. “Independent thinking” is the only way to go and Pete is an independent thinker and I support independent thinking. In particular in minority communities in the 15th District, supporting the Democratic Party because that’s what has always been done and returned nothing. Vote your interests. not political party. That’s why I support “Pete Drew 4 you.” Pete has a 4-point plan to bring to the district. Pete can work with Republicans and Democrats to represent the 15th Dist. in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Pete is ready on day-one. No waste of the first year learning what to do. I support “Pete Drew 4 you” and me! Join me!