What Credibility Will The Shopper News Have?

Sources within the E.W. Scripps network have informed Brian’s Blog that a story in this weeks Shopper will say that the Shopper staff have been flooded with calls from Bill Phillips supporters threatening lawsuits concerning the Shopper’s biased coverage in support of Greg Lonas and Jackie Huddleston the two individuals of the “Recall Group”.

It has been obvious that Shopper writer Larry Van Guilder authored and published articles for 4 continuous weeks in the Shopper. Last week there was NO article about Lonas and Huddleston’s activities. In all the previous articles Van Guilder did not quote Phillips or note that Phillips refused or was unavailable for comment. Leading Brian’s Blog to believe that Van Guilder in typical non journalist fashion refused to author a balanced story.

Now, what we are told the Shopper will say tomorrow is that lots of calls have been received by the Shopper that threaten lawsuits if they continue their biased coverage. We are told that the Shopper will say that they are covered by the First Amendment.

Here are the questions to be considered. How did the Shopper verify the callers were Phillips supporters and not his enemies or close friends to Huddleston and Lonas? Is this a tactic by the Shopper to advance Lonas and Huddleston’s activities? Will the Shopper have comment from Phillips or a representative of Phillips? Let’s see Sunday night or Monday morning when the latest bird cage liner is thrown on our lawns. Isn’t there a littering law against throwing trash out of your car?

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