Ole Gloria Trying to Change Her Past

State Rep. Eddie Smith’s opponent has started TV commercials about Standing Tall and trying to rewrite her one term as an effective legislator. In fact in her one term, two years she was ineffective. She sat on her seat and refused to vote for Workmans Comp for the working people of TN.

In her world of standing tall it is said that she only does it to be the school yard bully to get her way. As for her ‘standing up’ she actually cut and ran, quitting on her special education students just before the standardized testing. Why did she cut and run? Who or what was she running from? Was it her effectiveness score? Maybe the bullying ways were not effective?

If as her NY produced tv commercial says that she worked with Governor Haslam and was bipartisan, where is the bipartisan support? She ain’t got NONE.

Let us not forget the TN Democrat Party rejected her to be state party chair for a less offensive, bullying type.

a comment on this website in the past has referred to her as the Sarah Palin of Knoxville Politics. At least Palin has a positive personality…..you betcha!

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