Amy Broyles is a Pro-Life Liberal?

Amy Broyles is supporting Brenda Palmer’s opponent in a BIG way. She has authored and published this theses on the comment section of the local liberal blog. Broyles said “I believe that Gerry is a “team player,” willing to work with others to accomplish a goal.” Last week, Brian’s Blog revealed the believed real motive behind Broyles support of Brenda Palmer’s opponent. (Link to the Brian’s Blog post.)

On Friday and Saturday, Brenda Palmer’s opponent mailed out a postcard. It was mailed to City of Knoxville and Knox County voters that are Pro-Life. The card asked Knox County voters to contact 5 City of Knoxville voters and ask them to vote for Brenda Palmer’s opponent. The card stipulates that her opponent will if given the chance out law Abortion in Knoxville. We here at Brian’s Blog, desire that the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe-v-Wade. However, we recognize that there is NOTHING a City Councilman or City Councilwoman can do to outlaw Abortion. While Brian Hornback of Brian’s Blog was Chairman of the Knox County Republican Party, Brenda Palmer’s opponent was NOT involved in grassroots Republican politics. The one thing that we here at Brian’s Blog have trouble tolerating is individuals that profess to be one thing to one group and something else to another group.

We are confident during all of the sessions of talking between Amy Broyles and Brenda Plamer’s opponent surely Broyles discovered that Palmer’s opponent desires to outlaw Abortion in Knoxville. We welcome Broyles to the March for Life and all other Pro-Life activities.

We believe that this mailing opens questions about the genuine nature of Brenda Palmer’s opponent. For that reason, we suggest that you consider voting for the person whose position you know and whose position will not wavier like a Bill Clinton/Barack Obama public opinion poll.

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