Don’t Forget to Vote

You have through Thursday 11/3/2016 to cast your early vote, or you can wait until Tuesday 11/8/2016. Do Not Forget to Vote!

Who BrianHornback.Com likes

President of the United States because of the United States Supreme Court positions and other Federal Judge appointments, I like Donald J. Trump

United States Congress in TN’s Second Congressional District Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr. In the First Phil Roe, in the Fourth Scott Desjarlais, in the Fifth Stacy Reis Snyder in the Sixth Diane Black in the Seventh Marsha Blackburn.

In Tennessee Senate, I like Becky Duncan Massey, Ken Yager, Doug Overbey

In Tennessee House, I like Eddie SmithJimmy Matlock, Kent Calfee, Jason ZacharyRoger Kane, Harry Brooks, Bill Dunn, Martin Daniel 

I have no preference in the Rick Staples, Pete Drew and Rhonda Gallman race to replace Rep. Joe Armstrong.


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