It Appears the Knox County Democrats are Stuck on Gloria and Leaving Everyone Else Behind

The Knox County Democrat Party led by Cameron Brooks had great aspirations for 2016. Back on February 3rd over on the liberal playground of Knoxviews here, there was boasting of recruiting Heather Hensley, a candidate to oppose Republican State Representative Roger Kane. Of course I had to point out her voting record is a strong R. But he recruited her. Then on February 9th Brandi Price announced on Knoxviews here for the position Republican State Rep. Martin Daniel holds. Of course it has been expected since she lost in November 2014 that ineffective Democrat State Rep. Gloria Johnson would challenge Republican State Representative Eddie Smith. Of course not until August, did Brooks and the Knox County Dems realize that they would be handed a Rick Staples, Rhonda Galman and Pete Drew race.

As I have observed this election cycle the work of both the Republican and Democrat organizations. I am left with the impression (my opinion) that the Democrats are stuck. Stuck like is portrayed in the fictional character Earl Dibbles, Jr. video “City Boy Stuck” Dibbles is actually Country Music Artist Granger Smith, but I digress.

The Knox County Democrats as I have observed have provided little to no support to Hensley and Price. In fact, I posted this story on August 19, 2016 regarding a Knoxville News Sentinel story where Brooks was quoted as saying the only priority was district 13 (Smith) and 15 (Staples). There has been no public event for the Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. In contrasting and comparing, the Knox County Republican Party did secure an event for the Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump a Monday lunch time bus stop. The effort for Staples has been quiet, Tyler Anselmo appears to be the only assistance Staples has received. However, on the pre-general campaign finance disclosure that Staples filed on 11/2/2016 the campaign has paid Anselmo $500 on 10/16/2016.

So, it is easy (for me) to come to the conclusion (my own opinion) that Brooks and the Knox County Democrat Party are stuck on & with Gloria only.


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