Ole Gloria Is so Desperate She Is A Hypocrite

Ole Gloria is so desperate in her bullish campaign against Republican State Rep Eddie Smith that she runs two ads in a weekly newsprint publication this week.

The same weekly paper that editorialized against the waiver resolution, the same paper that agressively went after Amber Rountree now Vice Chair Amber Rountree.

Johnson says she stands with teachers, however she has spent dollars with a paper that opposed teachers.

Johnson says she supports a higher minimum wage, however she spends dollars with a paper than fired a photographer/reporter that worked his ass off and aimply got a lay off slip.

Hypocrite, ineffective Gloria. Don’t send her back district 13.

For the record, BrianHornback.Com did not solicit and would not have accepted Gloria’s ads.

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1 Response

  1. Old School says:

    Did you notice the anti-McIntyre crowd is very Pro-Gloria? They will have a huge pity party Wednesday.