News Senetinel Gets It Wrong?

This article in today’s product produced by Jack McElroy and Crew has at least one flaw and should appear as an Editorial and not as a news story. We believe it contains at least one factual inaccuracy. The article says “Pavlis’ latest run for office is the first attempt by a former city elected official to seek a third term since city voters approved term limits in November 1996.” Former Council member Jean Teague was a district Council person ran against Chris Woodhull for the at large position that he now occupies immediately after her district term ended. Pavlis has sat out for more than one complete term. The language allows for someone to sit out one term.

Is it just a coincidence that the former Mayor is back from Poland, he has Pavlis opponents sign in his yard and then a negative, false article appears in the product produced by McElroy and Crew?

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1 Response

  1. Mr. Smith says:

    Sure is funny to me that Marlino won the endorsement and then they posted this article despite not being endorsed by anything else substantive.