Random Thoughts From Tonight’s Farragut Game

First, of all Good job keeping the Farragut fans and the other school fans separate. As we entered through the main gate, the Farragut Principal was standing below a sign that said “Farragut Fans with an arrow to our right” So, we go down there and there is a section marked Farragut Students and Band. There was another section marked Farragut Adult Fans. Good job on some body’s part. But then right before the game starts, the starting players for the other schools team come out from under the bleachers at the Farragut end of the stadium and enter the field. This was a classless and tacky antic that was meant to agitate the Farragut students.

The second issue. Prior to the start of the game they announce that in the event of bad weather. The Farragut fans are to go to the Cafeteria. The other schools fans are to go to the gymnasium. Now, it was announced that Knox County was under a tornado watch and then a another announcement was made that Knox County was under a tornado warning. Here’s the interesting side note. The Cafeteria has exterior windows the gymnasium does not. What are you to stay away from in the event of a tornado? Windows. Interesting.

At 9:40 p.m. nearly two hours after they delayed the game for flashes of lighting. They announce that due to bad weather the game has been canceled and will be played tomorrow Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Now, Gibbs 20 and Carter 7 finished after a weather delay. Halls 34 and Hardin Valley 13 completed. West High School only three miles to the east of the Farragut game completed with a final score of West 28 and Lenior City 0. Clinton 29 and Powell 12 completed it’s game. So, what kind of Refs did the TSSAA send to the Farragut game? If they didn’t want to do their job Friday night then they should have called it at 8:00 p.m. instead of waiting till 9:40 p.m. If the games could continue to the east and north of the stadium where Farragut was located then our game could have continued. Here’s hoping that the TSSAA will examine the Ref crew that was assigned to the Farragut game Friday night and watch them very closely this evening.

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