The Real Reason The Lockett Recall Is Suspended?

Yesterday, The Lockett Recall Group announced it’s intention to suspend it’s activity. This morning not a word is announced on the three television stations and not a story on the knoxnews website. Although yesterday knoxnews said “more information in tomorrows paper and online.”

So, Brian’s Blog contacted the Knox County Election Commission to confirm that The Lockett Recall Group has filed a Treasurer notice. You see State Election Law forbids you to raise or spend money until you file an appointment of treasurer form. Now, we do not know if the group has raised any money but we can be confident that they have either spent money or committed to spend money because they have a website, here. No where on the website as of this morning does it indicate who maintains the the position of Treasurer within the Organization. Even under the website tab LRI Core team members it does not mention a Treasurer.

This weekend yard signs like the one below started popping up and no mention of the Treasurer anywhere on the sign. Brian’s Blog is awaiting the phone call from the Election Commission to inform us who the Treasurer is and when the appointment was made. So, stay tuned…

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2 Responses

  1. Alan Summers says:

    Yes, they may have some organizational problems. And the big sheds story talked about making charter changes instead of doing the recall right now? What's up with that? Either way, I am ready to sign the petition (and Bill Phillips recall petition too).

  2. Anonymous says:

    You may want to add this to your blog.
    Tamara Shepherd posted this comment online to today's editorial regarding the recall. The interesting part of her comment is that they have more signs on reorder.
    Have they filed a treasurer's report with the Election Commission?

    KNS Editorial, 10/07/09:
    Recall Amendment Needs Adjusting

    October 7, 2009
    5:20 a.m.
    Suggest removal
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    dennishepherd#616210 writes:
    It's a shame that commissioners and the Law Department tinkered with the original citizen proposals attorney Mark Siegel helped them compile and advance.

    But they did tinker, so here we are.

    Lockett Recall Initiative has temporarily halted its petition effort to turn to finding commissioners willing to sponsor some much needed revisions to the recall amendment.

    We'll find 'em, and we'll be back on track soon.

    Meanwhile, we've committed to a reorder on those yard signs. Don't neglect to pick up yours.

    Tamara Shepherd
    Lockett Recall Initiative