Book Released on Local Love Triangle.

Martha Rose Woodward, local Knoxville writer has released another book. This one is a true crime non fiction book, titled Seven Minutes in Hell: The Eric McLean Murder Case.

The book is reported to detail the Sean Powell Murder Case that happened here in Knoxville, TN. Sean Powell, dead at age 18 from a single gun shot wound to the head entering his face just above the right eye, killing him instantly. The shooter, Eric McLean served just 71 days after shooting Powell in the head with one 30/30 shell from a 360 Marlin rifle. The person that brought Sean Powell and Eric McLean together was Erin McLean, at the time a student-teacher who met Powell in her senior English class. It is reported that the book details how Erin McLean seduced him with kinky sex and alcohol.

It is reported that the highlights of the book are The arrest of a wild-haired, drugged-up Eric. The flight of Erin, the mother who went on the lam with two young children. Includes interviews of the birth mother who thinks Eric got away with cold-blooded murder. Behind the scenes details Woodward uncovered by reading the case files and looking at the box of evidence—including a murder weapon big enough to kill a large bear or elk. The secret journals Eric used to record his thoughts and feelings about sex and drugs the days leading up to the murder. Erin’s messages full of foul language as she left illegal texts to her children which contained family secrets. The drug use of Eric that was kept from the jury. What the judges really thought about the divorce and murder trials. Sean’s predictions about his own death…and much more.

The book is published by Authorhouse in Bloomington, Indiana, 2009 The price ranges from $10.00 to $14.00 plus shipping, handling, and taxes. The book is available here from authorhouse or by phone at 1-800-591-5121 or at all local bookstores and major chain stores. FOR SALE EVERYWHERE TODAY!

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  1. Scarlett says:

    I listened to Martha Rose Woodward this morning on WNOX which I found a woman loving her new life fame with this book Seven Minutes in Hell which was based on words from a liar and murderer, Eric McLean. Martha Rose Woodward stated on air that Sean came over on March 10, 2007, and Eric sat outside crying while Erin and Sean was inside the home having sex – which is just another lie. At the trial, no testimony stated Sean and Erin had sex that evening. There was no evidence in the house that Sean and Erin had sex and believe me the police pulled everything looking for evidence of Erin and Sean having sex in the house. They found nothing. Det. Boatman testified at the preliminary hearing Eric claimed no words or contact was made after Sean left the house to sit out in his car which Sean asked Eric if it was ok to wait out in his car which Eric said that's cool. You can hear Eric and Sean on the 911 tape. There was no evidence Sean grabbed the rifle this was stated by the medical examiner. Eric and Erin continues to trash Sean to make themselves feel and love better for the public eyes and now we have Martha Rose Woodward profiting from Sean's blood and spreading more lies. Sean only had a car available to him eighteen days prior to his death. Eric and Erin was providing Sean transportation and controlling the situation not the other way around. The book is called seven minutes in hell, but there were only 4 minutes & 32 seconds between the two 911 calls. Sean was used and exploited in life and now he is being used and exploited in death. Martha Rose Woodward listened to two liars and put words on paper, but the truth will not be found in her book only more lies. The book will only bring more pain to the victim's family and friends. I hope people will not waste their money on this book, but use their hard earn money on something rewarding and positive or donate the $10 to your favorite charity