Is Knox News Trying to Cover East TN’s Fake News aka The Shopper News?

So, Sunday you read here about the former Knoxville Mayor that is known by his short, round stature that possess an angry persona toward Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero as a Shopper News columnist. A columnist that has been so derogatory in the past in his hate filled commentary about Rogero has informed City of Knoxville staff to NOT treat him as a journalist, she even notified the writer as of her direction. WATE reported that back on November 21, 2015, here. One other example is where we reported that Rogero was called tone deaf, here by the Slopper writer.

Now Knox News is responding here about the fake news of the paper that they own. Most of his column that was published on Wednesday were speculative UNTIL the last paragraph, “Bottom line: Keep an eye on Rogero as she quietly but deliberately makes moves to run for Congress in 2018 if Democrats can raise money for media needed to prevail. She has over a year until it is time to qualify,” he wrote.” He reports matter of factly, she quietly but deliberately makes moves to run for Congress. That is statement of fact based on his source. Now, when having to respond to his bosses at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill, he says, “She would be a credible Democratic candidate for whatever office she sought,” he said. “She may yet be persuaded to run. … I’m glad she reads the column.” Ashe wrote in fake news that she was, now he back pedals.

Knox News needs to embrace the tabloid fake news of the Shopper News and admit that it is NOT a legitimate media or throw the entire operation on the recycle pile.

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