Breaking News: Several Legislators Call On Tennessee Congressional Delegation

Just Now March 15, 2017 at 8 a.m. CT in LP (Legislative Plaza) 31, several legislators will join together to present a letter to the media that will be sent to the Tennessee Congressional Delegation.

The letter will read in part, With the recent news that Humana, the sole insurance provider for Blount County residents seeking healthcare plans sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplace will be pulling out of the exchanges in Tennessee and 10 other states in 2018, we commend our Senator, Senate Health Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee., for taking a patient-centered approach, releasing a statement saying the news from Humana “should light a fire under every member of Congress to work together to rescue Americans trapped in the failing Obamacare exchanges before they have no insurance options next year.” 

Legislators joining together on this letter are State Representatives Glenn Casada, R-63; David Alexander R-39; Jeremy Faison R-11; Harry Brooks R- 19; Jimmy Eldridge R-73; Rick Tillis R-92; Judd Matheny R-47; John B. Holsclaw, Jr. R-4; Kent Calfee R-32. State Senators Mike Bell R-9; Frank Niceley R-8.



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