Metro Government, Unified Government 4.0

There is much new talk about metro government or unified government. Knox County and Knoxville City have voted on a charter for metro government or unified government at least three (maybe four) times, every time the voters have rejected it. The last time it was proposed was in the mid 1990’s, while Commissioner¬†Bob Thomas was living under the glow of the Hollywood Hills.

IMHO, Victor Ashe‘s answer to managing the city was ridding the city of the city school system, the city’s share of the public library, the city jail, the city’s share of indigent care and to annex county properties to capture the sales tax and city property tax revenue.

Any political official or political aspirant that supports metro government is a believer in big government. IMHO, they obviously look to Washington, D.C. as the solution. Because metro government is nothing more than creating a mega bureaucracy.

Metro government can be achieved very easily, the City of Knoxville simply surrenders it’s charter and goes out of business. It worked with schools, public libraries, the city jail and indigent care.

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