Director of Probation – Knox County

The exchange of Pre-Trial from the Mayor’s office to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department or the Todd Cook employment exchange program was delayed by County Commission for 30 days. Brian’s Blog previous reports 7/20/09 here, also 7/27/09 here and the original post from 12/10/07 here.

However, Brian’s Blog has been informed that the position of Director of Probation which will answer to the Knox County Mayor’s office was also only posted for five days, similar to the Deputy Director of Administrator of Elections. Read about those shenanigans here.

This was supposed to be a new day in Knox County with open and transparent operation of our government. But, every time we turn around it is shenanigans, shenanigans and more shenanigans.

Of course, Jack McElroy and Crew only report it when it is an official like Scott Moore, Lee Tramel, Lumpy Lambert or anyone that McElroy doesn’t like. McElroy only like the types of people like Tony Norman, Mike Hammond that simply say, yes sir Mr. Editor.

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