The Censure of Lumpy is Because Tony is Skeered

The Knox County Commission spent one hour and fifty five minutes in debating the censure of Lumpy. Instead of it really being the censure of lumpy, it was really “Tony is skeered and wants revenge.” Commissioner Tony Norman presented his case that he is skeered of Lumpy from South Knoxville and Karns meetings. Norman presented his “evidence” and one witness. Lumpy presented his case and three witnesses via videotape. In the video testimony, references were made to Norman’s smirk. Every time that smirk came across Norman’s face.
After some debate, a citizen that has appeared at Board of Zoning Appeals concerning a landscape business and has had some previous public disagreements with Commissioner Lambert appeared and testified against Lumpy. Thus bringing Norman’s witnesses to two. Then Chairman Strickland recognized the first lady again. So, instead of the five minute rule per citizen, Chairman Strickland allowed one lady to speak ten minutes.

The Knox County Commission rules allow the Chairman to discipline Commissioners without the entire Commission having to deal with it. So, because the Knox County Commission Chairman can not “man-up” and address it, the tax payers had to endure one hour and fifty five minutes because Norman is skeered and can’t handle a difference of opinion with Lumpy.

So, the bottom line is this. Tank, you need to man-up. Tony, you need to grow up. Finally, Lumpy, quit the drama class, you already got an A.

By the way, Norman in presenting the evidence said that he would not make a motion because that would be inappropriate. He then seconded Mark Harmon’s motion, which makes Norman a liar. Norman also voted on the censure.

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3 Responses

  1. A. Summers says:

    It is a shame that commission took the amount of time they did yesterday on this issue, especially when we have actual issues that need their attention. If people knew how to act, we wouldn't have this problem. It continues to be one circus event after another one. The coming election will purge commission of most of the problems it now has. Hopefully the new commissioners will be able to put the likes of Lumpy behind them and get some work done.

  2. Steve Mule says:

    OK, I confess I'm missing somehting here: What exactly is Tony 'skeered' of?
    Other than that I thought Mr. Lambert's censure was a long time in coming – he really does need to cut out the 'drama.'


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was present at the South Doyle Middle School meeting. Commissioner Lambert repeatedly talked over others. He went out of his way to be insulting to Commissioner Norman. He got louder and louder and ended up basically yelling. This is also the meeting where he made the inappropriate and insensitive comment about someone coming to the City County Building to shoot officials who “would deserve it.” (Note that Commissioner Lambert admits to making this statement.)

    He is entitled to his opinion. He is entitled to speak it and to advocate for it. He is NOT entitled to make it impossible for other people to express their opinions. A Commissioner should be facilitating discussion, not hampering it.

    If the Karns meeting really was worse than the South Doyle meeting (most accounts say it was, including the fact that Lambert said he was going to “take over the meeting because it was his district”, then he definitely deserved the censure.

    This gives me no pleasure. I am tired of Knox County officials acting unethically and/or like jackasses, and I'm tired of Commission wasting their time on stuff like this.

    But Lambert brought this on himself by behaving in a manner completely unsuitable for a public official.