Cronyism is Alive and Well in the City County Building

The crony’s name is Todd Cook. In late 2002 or 2003, Todd Cook needed out of the Sheriff’s Department. So, he was appointed as the Director of Probation and Pre-Trial Release. In this position, Cook answered to the Knox County Mayor and was paid in excess of $80,000.00 a year with a drive home car.

Now, that the current Mayor will be vacating office about a year from now Cook has been lobbying to have a position with a secure future. On Monday, the Knox County Commission will move Cook under the Knox County Sheriffs Department. Now, the Knox County Merit System rules state that if you have been out from under the Merit System for more than a year, the employee must re-test and begin at a first step position.

Now, I don’t blame Sheriff Jones, he is doing what he thinks is right. What’s wrong is bringing a political hack into a good department. This Todd Cook is the same individual that a year or two ago got up in front of commission in tears, made outlandish claims that were refuted within 10 minutes by our Knox County District Attorney General, Randy Nichols. Cook was consoled by former Sheriff’s Department employee Dwight Van de Vate. Van de Vate would NOT allow Cook to respond to the facts that were stated by our fine District Attorney General, Randy Nichols.

If this cronyism continues unchecked and unhindered the next thing you know they will be wanting to move Van de Vate to some secure bunker with the Sheriffs Department in the City County Building.

Todd Cook Exhibit One, this is of Cook making outlandish, tearful claims and Van de Vate consoling him, sending him out of the room and trefusing for Cook to speak or answer any additional questions.

Todd Cook Exhibit Two – This is our District Attorney General Randy Nichols setting the record straight on the outlandish, tearful comments made by Todd Cook.

For the record, Todd Cook has NEVER appeared at County Commission to answer and put aside these tearful, outlandish claims and to answer the questions about how his story doesn’t match with what our District Attorney General, Randy Nichols said on December 10, 2007. On December 10, 2007, Cook said that he would and Van de Vate said that Cook would. Neither one have lived up to what they said Cook would do.

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