Tennessee Highway Patrol Ruins Evidence With NO Oversight?

Thanks to an article in the product produced by the Big Metal Shed on the Hill we learn that an impound lot in Knoxville used by the Tennessee Highway Patrol has no security, not even security cameras. In this article it is revealed that as many as 15 cars has been vandalized, a tractor trailer truck being held as evidence in a fatal traffic accident in Roane County was apparently burned. In essence ruining the evidence. In addition, to the vandalism the reporter discovered tools in the lot and eyewitnesses say that individuals have been going into the lot, utilizing it as Pull a Part. Is it possible parts have been removed from these cars and taken to Big Orange Pawn or Sexton Used Tires?

Apparently, the THP along with Governor Bill Haslam and the liberal Republicans that joined with all Democrats (except Democrats John Mark Windle and G.A. Hardaway) were more concerned with passing and getting into our wallets with passing a gas tax to be imposed on all individuals that operate motorized transportation in TN then protecting evidence in a criminal investigation.

The gas tax is additional money to the nearly $1 Billion in surplus the state possesses. Any surplus is excess money the government has taken from the taxpayers without spending it.


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