Ron Ramsey Says The Old Order is Still Punishing Citizens for Legislators

From this Johnson City Press article, Former TN Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey says what many suspected. If your legislator votes the will of his district or his conscience the machine of the old order will screw his constituents, the citizens of TN.

“There was no doubt, in the end, that there was some punishment levied against some House members on funding. Not against the Senate members, but against the House members.”

Examples given by Ramsey included the Senate approving funding proposals for the Sullivan County Agriculture Center and East Tennessee State University, but the House then removing portions of that funding.

“Well, Timothy Hill’s district is the Ag Center. That’s one. I even made a phone call to say, ‘That this is kind of my pet project.’ It’s not up to the House members on that, but still they felt like it was time to ‘exact a pound of flesh’ was exactly the words that I heard,” Ramsey said.

2/24/2016 Governor Bill Haslam joins Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey to

……..“(The lack of Washington County projects) goes back to the House members causing havoc,” Ramsey said. “Actions have consequences. When I was in the legislature, let me assure you, actions had consequences. I’m not speaking for anybody other than that, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.” 

So voting the will of your district and your conscience is causing havoc? Ramsey just left the legislature in November 2016, votes aka action has consequences, he said. That translates into the legislature requires legislators to march in lockstep to a kow tow order or else.

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