Knoxville City Council Races are Set………Sorta

Yesterday at NOON was the filing deadline for petitions to be returned for candidates for Knoxville City Council Districts One, Two, Three, Four and Six. They have until next Thursday at NOON to withdraw. If no one withdraws, then the races are set.

District One

Debra Helsley

Greg Knox

Rebecca Parr

Stephanie Welch

Andrew Wilson

District Two

Brandon Bruce

Wayne Christensen

Andrew Roberto

David Williams

District Three

James Corcoran III

Dessie Dingus, Sr.

Jody Mullins

Seema Singh

District Four

Dan Davis

Jack Knoxville

Amelia (Amy) Parker

Lauren Rider

Harry Tindell

District Six

Joyce Brown

John Butler

Maurice L. Clark, Sr.

Michael Covington

Charles Frazier

David Gillette

Zimbabwe U. Matavou

Gwen McKenzie

Jennifer Montgomery

Damon Rawls

Kennie Riffey

Shawnee Rios

Brandy Slaughbaugh

The district will vote for two individuals, the top two vote getters on August 29, 2017 will then face one another city wide on November 7, 2017 and elect one per district.




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