West Knox Republican Club Picnic Tonight

Great BBQ with all the trimmings. Along with Lemonade, Tea and Water for drinks. City Council candidates Ken Knight, Nick Della Volpe were in attendance. State Senators Jamie Woodson and Tim Burchett, State Representatives Bill Dunn, Stacy Campfield, Frank Niceley and my State Representative Ryan Haynes were in attendance. County Commissioner Craig Leuthold, Richard Briggs, Larry Smith, Brad Anders and Appointed Commissioner Michele Carringer all were in attendance. Register of Deeds Sherry Witt, Trustee Fred Sisk, Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey along with General Sessions Judge Geoff Emery and Patricia Hall Long were present. Congressman Duncan’s wife Lynn, son and daughter in law John and Lindsey and several members of his staff. Former Property Assessor John Whitehead and Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison were present. Also, Community Newspaper Owner Steve Hunley and Community Newspaper Editor Sandra Clark were present and Clark was the only one with a camera tonight.

Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman served as the cake auctioneer. Allison Burchett’s home made Peanut Butter Pie brought $60, in Russ Jensen out bidding State Senator Jamie Woodson. The Hornback’s were the recipients of 12 cupcakes from the Cupcakery donated by our State Representative Ryan Haynes. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out of this list.

The first activity was a ceremonial flag folding. It was a moving exercise as each fold was explained.

Senator Tim Burchett and his wife Allison. Burchett is always checking his back. Are you paranoid Senator?

County Commissioner Brad and Jennifer Anders daughter, Addison. Addison was the star of the crowd and as you can see from this photograph, she is tapping Senator Burchett on the back. It is believed that she was asking him about that education bill that he voted on this year. She also wanted to know how that bill would positively affect her experience in a few years.

Commissioner Anders with daughter Addison. Jennifer, Brad’s lovely wife and mother of Addison is to the left. Commissioner Anders represents District Six which includes Hardin Valley, Ball Camp, Karns and Powell. He is one of the best of the current 19 Commissioners.

On the left with the beard is Ray Jenkins, the hardest working GOP Chairman in the last three years. Beside him is former Fourth District Commissioner Lee Tramel. Jenkins is Chairman from 2009-2011. Here’s hoping he will run for re-election in 2011 and serve another term 2011-2013.

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2 Responses

  1. I'll take your post about me as a compliment – but suggesting I run for a second term? I thought you were my friend . . .

  2. It was intended as a compliment. If anybody could handle two terms, it is you, Mr. Chairman.