In a Word, Editor and Publisher Clueless

This post has been generated in response to this from the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. O.k. school has been out for a week and today starts the remedial summer school class. We find two students in this summer remedial class. Editor Jack McElroy and Publisher Bruce Hartmann.

Let’s review why you are in summer remedial school. Editor McElroy, you and your family failed to pay your personal property taxes. So, please spell Civic Responsibility? Uhh, well. let’s see, M-Y-W-I-F-E-W-A-S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D-T-O-S-E-N-D-I-T. Brrt! Wrong answer.

Publisher Hartmann, your company under your direction didn’t pay taxes on that piece of property on Gay Street. So, spell Corporate Responsibility. Uhh, well let’s see. I-T-W-A-S-M-A-Y-O-R-H-A-S-L-A-M-S-F-A-U-L-T. Brrt! Wrong Answer. Little Bruce jumps up from his seat and says. It was his fault, his daddy should have bought papers on Thursday as well as on Friday.

O.k. one more question. Each of you will be able to answer. Your company failed to pay property taxes on equipment within your Big Metal Shed on the Hill. They both scream, you’ve been reading Brian’s Blog. They both are told to sit back down and the teacher continues. Your company failed to pay property tax on the equipment you use within the temporary building that you operate in. So, please spell Good Corporate Citizens. McElroy stands on his chair first. O.k. Jack. H-E-R-B-M-O-N-C-E-I-R. Brrt! Wrong answer. Hartmann has his hand up. O.k. Bruce. I-R-U-N-T-H-E-S-H-O-P-P-E-R-T-O-O. Brrt! Wrong answer.

Hartman stands up and produced a really big canceled check (like he uses for the empty stocking fund) to where Scripps paid their back taxes. He was excused and passed with a 70 for his summer remedial class.

McElroy was sitting there sad and all alone. The teacher says o.k. Jack go to the bulletin board and write 200 times. I will not make fun of a transplant recipient and three of the Commissioners that I do not like. I have a bias, I have a bias, I have a bias. When that assignment is complete you will have earned a 70 which is passing the summer remedial class.

Jack picked up the chalk and began writing 200 times. I will not make fun of a transplant recipient and the three Commissioners that I do not like. I have a bias, I have a bias, I have a bias.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess readers should take comments posted to KNS articles on their website with a grain of salt. I try to. But after reading Mr. McElroy’s silly opinion piece, which was posted on the main web page, right next to the real news, I was shocked to see how many commentators posted how funny or insightful they thought McElroy’s editorial was. Reading those comments made me feel like an alien: who were these people who thought McElroy’s was so great? I found his editorial churlish, irrelevant, mean-spirited, overly simplistic, inaccurate, and condescending. Mr. McElroy does not understand our State’s Constitution, more importantly, he des not understand our Charter in Knox County. He thinks the Law Director should resign because some County Commissioners say so? He thinks the Commissioners are even able to remove the Law Director from office? He’s the one who needs to return to Civics Class. This proves why he’s clearly one of the leading assholes in East Tennessee. -Lee Oswald