GO Vote……..Republican Event on Saturday

“Get Out the GOP Vote” for Knoxville City Council Races

There will be a Go Vote Republican! Forum, supported by Knox County Republican Club. Republican Party candidates seeking positions on Knoxville City Council on Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza hotel located at 401 W. Summit Hill Drive SW, in Knoxville, TN 37902

This is a Get out the vote event to inform City of Knoxville voters of Republican Party candidates appearing on the ballot in the non-partisan Knoxville City Council primary election

Why offer a partisan event for the non-partisan Knoxville City Council election?

The purpose of this event is to increase voter awareness of Republicans seeking elected office, in order to drive GOP voters to the polls beginning with Early Voting starting Wednesday, August 9th.

Party affiliation does not appear on the election ballot, nor is it available through many other resources. This event provides voters with that information.

Additionally, this event provides Republican Knoxville City Council candidates a podium forum for pitching voters their ideas, goals, and campaign platforms as a group.

The City of Knoxville elections are held in odd numbered years, which is off-cycle of the even-numbered years that county, state, and federal elections are held. Voter turnout has been dismal in City of Knoxville elections. Roughly 5,400 city voters cast ballots in the most recent Knoxville election in November 2015, with a couple candidates winning re-election with fewer than 200 total votes cast in their races.

The 14 Knox County Republican Party-affiliated clubs and its members support this effort designed to showcase candidates who adhere to a fiscally conservative model of governing, designed to more efficiently provide city services and quality of life benefits to Knoxville residents.

Please join us for this ‘first of its kind’ Republican city election “get out the vote” event. Free parking in the Crowne Plaza hotel garage. Coffee and pastries provided.

The Republican Party candidates invited to Saturday’s “Go Vote Republican!” Event include:

District 1
Greg Knox
Andrew Wilson

District 2
Wayne Christensen
David Williams

District 3
James Corcoran

District 4
Dan Davis

District 6
Michael Covington

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