Burchett’s No Attack Pledge and the Moxley Rumor

The Knox County Mayor reportedly issued some press release (I did not receive it) that he will not have any attack ads. Well that has not been the County Mayor’s “mo” (Modus Operandi) in the past, so why would he start now? In my interaction with the County Mayor in the past he would have a surrogate plant a story or rumor and the County Mayor always was able to maintain plausible deniability. Not with political challenges, because he has not really been challenged often and and vigorously. I am referring to past battles with Dr. James McIntyre, the previous Board of Education, fighting the 35 cent property tax increase for schools, fighting the outsourcing of schools janitorial staff, fighting the fee office holders in his first year in office as Mayor. Also, his first divorce and his three different campaign finance irregularities where he appeared before the state panel.

I know because he sent people my way in hopes of getting me to spin stories in various manners, ultimately I would see the stories in different media. He has nearly every news person (print, tv and radio) on speed dial on his cell phone and he calls and texts them on a frequent basis. He has his favorites.

It is interesting to note that on WATE’s TN This Week this past Sunday that PR flacks Mike Cohen and George Korda was dismissive of any challenger to the County Mayor, declaring him the next Congressman before a campaign. While the other panelist Craig Griffiths was in a selfie with the County Mayor at the Saturday hot dog event on Western Avenue.

I do not know what attack they could opposition research locate on Jimmy Matlock, Brad Fullington or on likely candidates Ken Gross and Pastor Chris Edmonds, but you can almost bet that an effort will be made.

The one rumor floating out (likely by County Mayor surrogates) in the last 24 hours is that Team Matlock has engaged the services of Moxley/Carmichael, aka Moxley Communications as a campaign advisor and or team. I have verified with Team Matlock that they are putting together a team of the best in every category and that there has been no contact with Moxley and there is NO anticipation that Moxley will ever be or would be seriously considered for their team.


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