Endorsements pile up for Christensen for Knoxville City Council – 2nd District

KNOXVILLE, TENN, Aug, 10, 2017– Endorsements have piled in for Wayne Christensen, candidate for Knoxville City Council, 2nd District and former Knoxville Youth Sports Director. Christensen has earned the endorsement of not just the Knoxville News Sentinel, but State Rep. Eddie Smith, Bert Bertelkamp, and Jimmy Haslam.


“I’m proud to endorse and support Wayne Christensen for Knoxville City Council, 2nd District. Wayne has served this community for over 20 years and will bring the kind of Knoxville experience we need at this time for Knoxville. Wayne will work to build a better economy, Improve our community and move the city forward in the years to come.” – State Rep. Eddie Smith

“I have known Wayne Christensen for over 30 years. He has been a tremendous contributor to our community. Knox Youth Sports would not be where it is today without his hard work and leadership. Wayne has made a significant difference in our community.” – Jimmy Haslam

“I believe Wayne Christensen will be a tremendous City Councilman. He is passionate about Knoxville, and really understands the importance of a strong, vibrant community. Wayne’s leadership and vision were the key drivers behind the development of Knox Youth Sports. His hard work leading KYS made a positive impact on many young lives. Wayne will be a difference maker for Knoxville serving on City Council.” -Bert Bertelkamp

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