The Ole Shopper Gal Is At It Again Spreading Fake News

Remember the ole Shopper gal that got cut from Knoxnews? She has gone and attempted to create a copycat blog similar to BrianHornback.Com the only problem is she and the other copycat blog that put out fake news. Like when they both reported that the former Property Assessor had filed a petition to run for Register of Deeds in August. Nominating petitions are not available until November 17, 2017 and only today did he filed a Treasurers Report, which does not guarantee a candidacy.

So, the ole Shopper gal goes on to say that the Republican Party wants to take down Glenn Jacobs with it’s new by law changes. First of all the ole Shopper gal reports “the Republican Ballot during the Primary on May 5, 2018” The Knox County Primary is ON Monday May 1, 2018 NOT on Saturday May 5, 2018. Fake News!

The second fake news is that Glenn Jacobs has said he is a libertarian. At BrianHornback.Com we are only concerned with facts. Sources that I trust have told me that he has a consistent voting record as a Republican since 2006, I know he bought a $1,000 table at the Knox County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner and $500 at the Tennessee Republican Party Statesmens Dinner. He has a consistent voting record and monetarily supported the party, he is bonafide. Chalk it up to Fake News Clark.

Fake News Clark says Charlie Susano, candidate for Knox County Circuit Court Clerk is a target of the bylaw changes, NOT TRUE. First of in Clark’s story whatever his wife’s voting record is does not matter. She AIN’T the candidate, leave her alone, Clark! Whether Susano’s dad is a Democrat does not matter. His dad is not a candidate for Circuit Court Clerk. Sources close to Susano and sources backing other candidates agree his voting record satisfies and his support for a candidate for Trustee in 2014 qualifies him as a bonafide.

Sources have told me that Larsen Jay has a Republican voting record, which satisfies the bonafide.

From all that I am hearing Don Ridings may not qualify as a bonafide due to gaps in his voting record. That is still yet to be determined.

This entire issue is NOT new to Republicans in the know. Julia Hurley a Former State Representative and Current State Executive Committee woman has been working on this for 6 years.  The very idea that people start a campaign without asking the party for support is a foreign concept to people like myself and members of the State Executive Committee.

Granted I have been active in Republican since I was 16 years old, two years before I could even vote. I have never NOT voted in a Primary or General election. I have always voted in a Republican Primary, never a Democrat Primary. Everytime, whether when I was a candidate in 1990, or in a non partisan election in 2000 and 2004, I sought the Republican Party’s favor and their support. When I was elected Knox County GOP Chairman in 2005 my credentials have NEVER been questioned.

Why Clark now without the protection of the Mega Corporate Entity to shield her from a libel and slander suit like I survived and prevailed from 2013-2015 would want to create fake news and throw in the spouse of a Knox County Circuit Court Clerk candidate who simply supports her husband and the father of their two teenage children is beyond me. It is dirty, it is careless and should NOT be tolerated. Fake News Clark needs to clean it up, issue apologies to Susano’s wife and father.

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