Political Opportunist Turncoat , Backstabbing Thug or Judas Iscariot?

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4 Responses

  1. sadly the Republicans are not modernizing I agree with Megan Mccain 100 times more then John.

    The people in Pennsylvania are sick of going to the polls with their NRA card in one hand and their Union card in the other and being forced to choose. The party will fail if it continues to go anti union pro business anti minimum wage pro billionaire bailout!

  2. Mike Palmer says:

    He’s none of the above. He’s always been a Democrat. He’s just finally admitting it to those of us who have known that for years. Hopefully, he’ll take John McCain, Susan Collins and Olympia Snow with him.

    A question for you, Political Leverage. What should the national minimum wage be? Also, if we do not create an atmosphere that is pro business in this country, how will we employ people?

    And, why is it “sad” to you that Republicans are not “modernizing?”

  3. Steve Mule says:

    I’m torn between “Political Opportunist” and “Pushed Out Moderate.” I’m not altogether thrilled to see Sewn. Spector join the Democratic Party. He’ll be a very conservative Dem, to the point, I fear, that he might as well have stayed a Republican.
    However, the Republican Party seems to be coming up with more and more litmus tests of “true conservativism” that this and other defections will continue. It’s as if the GOP is bound and determined to condense itself down it’s nuttiest fringes.
    I saw this over at David Oatney’s Blog:
    Other than Ramsey, who else represents the conservative wing of the Republican Party? Zach Wamp? Yeah, right…Now Wamp could win but he won’t because “TRUE” conservatives don’t find him conservative enough. I predict he won’t make it past the primary. NOt because he’s a bad guy, or bad candidate but becuase he doesn’t have Mayor Haslem’s money and he isn’t a “TRUE” conservative like LT. Gov. Ramsey.


  4. Ray H. Jenkins says:

    I believe Mr. Specter is just finally telling the truth.

    He changed party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in 1965. He voted against the confirmation of Judge Bork.

    It is important to understand who you can trust and who you can’t.

    While this was not necessary for some to understand Mr. Specter’s motives, it should be a moment of clarity for others.