West Knox Republican Club Picnic & Cake Auction

Tonight the West Knox Republican Club held their annual picnic and cake auction. For as long as anyone can remember (and maybe for the entire history of the picnic) it has reserved, rented and hosted it at the City of Knoxville Deane Hill Rec Center. However, the past three years the center has failed to have air conditioning. So this year it was held at Rothchild Catering and Conference Center.

The crowd at the West Knox Republican Club Picnic.
The usual cast of characters were present. The usual meal of hamburgers and hot dogs and all the fixins were served.

The best part is the cake auction with Circuit Judge Dale Workman being the auctioneer. The officeholders and potential officeholders donate cakes and the money raised go back to the club.

Circuit Court Judge Dale Workman auctioning the dessert he donated which came with a Dale Workman Circuit Court Judge scratch pad.
Some notable activity was that County Clerk Foster Arnett donated a Fresh Market cake. This from the guy that asked the question two years ago (when expected to contribute and run as part of the countywide GOP ticket) What has the Republican Party done for me?

Then a Ham and Goody’s cake was auctioned as being donated by Congressman Jimmy Duncan. It wasn’t until the bidding got to $60 that it was revealed that it was not from Congressman Duncan but by Trustee Duncan. It sold for $60 and not anymore. That was interesting because two years ago, Trustee Duncan donated a homemade Hershey Cake that was made by his now former wife Lindsay Hammill and it brought over $100. My how things change, a store bought and sold as if it were donated by the Congressman.

County Commissioner R. Larry Smith was present and bought a cake. I was reminded by a club member that about a month or so ago out at the Halls Republican Club meeting Commissioner Smith in talking about all the comments he had received during the budget process. That he only responded to the calls, emails and messages from his 7th district. Because he didn’t care what Farragut and Cedar Bluff think. Because he don’t represent them. But it didn’t bother the Commissioner to eat free food from Cedar Bluff and Farragut.

Commissioner Jeff Ownby was present and as the event was held in his district, more folks sat at the table he was at than Commissioner Smith.

I stood and observed and of course I bought a cake. I bought the cake donated by Former Knox County Sheriff and current Republican State Representative candidate in District 89 Tim Hutchison. The cake was baked by the Village Bakery and after having eaten the one piece tonight when I got home. It is/was good.
The first slice of Red Velvet Cake that I purchased, which was donated by Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison.

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  1. Keeping Them Honest says:

    Brian–You bought a winner…It is becoming obvious that the former sheriff is going to win the new State House seat by a considerable margin. He is going door-to-door and being WELL received. Also you observed correctly that JD III is still a wounded Trustee and wondering when the “shoe” is going to drop on his misdoings. You failed to mention that the Mayor offered nothing for the auction and disappeared after only minutes at the event!