Vengeance a novel by Newt Gingrich Releases Tuesday

On Tuesday October 10, 2017 Center Street a division of Hachette Book Group Releases a novel by Newt Gingrich, Vengeance.

Nine-millimeter rounds shattered the truck’s glass side windows. Basra was struck twice in his left leg but he managed to keep his right foot pressed against the accelerator.

The second Secret Service agent ran adjacent to the truck, firing his dubmachine gun. Another slug hit Basra’s left shoulder, rendering it useless.

As if from nowhere, a black armored SUV appeared midway down the street, flying from its hiding place inside a parking garage. It slammed into Basra’s truck, knocking the rental sideways band bringing it to a halt.

With the good right hand, a critically wounded Basra mumbled a final Allahi Akbar and punched a button attached to the steering wheel, sending an electrical jolt to a detonator.

A blinding white light was followed by a deafening boom and a shock wave.

The devastation was immediate and cataclysmic.


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