Wayne Christensen Responds to Critics

Knoxville City Council Second District Candidate Wayne Christensen went to Facebook to responds to a little critism he has faced.

“Some of my opponents have said that my thinking in terms of how we improve the lives of those in the city is misguided and outside the power of the office I seek. They say we can’t do the things I propose. I say that I refuse to believe that there is any issue that is outside of our local officials power in dealing with or providing a foundation to improve the lives of our citizens. As such, I will continue to propose programs that improve the city and I will not back down to outside influences. I will dedicate my term to providing balance and committing myself to progress. If elected, I will be the voice of those in every district on the issues that affect them, the issues that affect their pocket book, the issues that ensure their children progress and lead a quality life. The issues that ensure our community continues to grow economically and socially.
We can do better and I believe that the citizens of this city see that and are working to ensure we make progress. I say yes to sidewalk improvements, yes to progress in education and the trades in our poverty-laden areas, yes to keeping our taxes low, considering we do not need it to do what we need to do to improve the city.”
“We have been told ‘we can’t’ for too long, if you elect me to be your city council person, WE WILL DO MORE!”
“But we can’t, if we don’t have every person in this city making a difference in every single district on the ballot.” #Filltheballot

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