BREAKING NEWS: You Read it HERE FIRST Ken Gross Terminates Campaign for TN Second District Congressional Run

BrianHornback.Com is the first with this story before any tv, the Big Metal Shed on the Hill or a couple local fake news blogs.

Ken Gross has just contacted me that today he is terminating his Republican campaign for TN Second District U.S. Congress.

His work responsibilities are very extensive at this time and any other spare time is spent with his family and that makes a credible primary campaign also impossible.

Gross has served on the Republican State Executive Committee and would have made a good candidate for the voters to choose from. I personally believe EVERY candidate deserves a fair stake in any race until the prove otherwise. That is why I always listed Gross and will promote everyone until they prove not to be worthy of promotion.

The Republican Primary as it stands NOW is Businessman and State Rep. Jimmy Matlock, Entrepreneur Brad Fullington, Military Veteran Vito Sagliano and the Knox County Mayor.

Ken Gross

Ken Gross

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