Is Knox County Adhering to it’s Own Law? We Will Discover….

Knox County, TN is a Home Rule Charter Government in simple terms it means that an ordinance is much like a private act aka law. In 2006, when the TN Supreme Court ruled that the 1994 term limits applied to most elected office holders the Knox County Commission passed an ordinance in 2008 that no citizen appointed to a board, commission entity shall be appointed to more than two terms.



Has the Commission and the Knox County Mayor been adhering to the term limit rule? I have requested the list of all appointees to all boards, commissions and will be reviewing when they were first appointed and how many subsequent times they have been appointed. The public utility boards that the Mayor appoints, Lenoir City Utility Board, First Utility Board, West Knox Utility Board, Hallsdale Powell Utility Board, Northeast Knox County Utility Board, Knox Chapman Utility Board are the first for my review. It will take time to get each utility board to respond back to request for the initial appointments. However, as always we report then you will decide.


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