Lockett Belongs to the Mayor’s Office? Whose Are You?

From sources on the East End of the Sixth Floor of the City County Building comes these two true incidents.

The first incident. A Knox County Commissioner on Monday was needing to talk to the Knox County Law Director Bill Lockett. This Commissioner called and was kept on hold for more than 30 minutes with repeated assurances that Lockett would be taking the Commissioner’s call. The Commissioner eventually gave up. Lockett returned the Commissioner’s call Wednesday evening.

The second incident. A prominent Knox County citizen called multiple times for three days to talk to Bill Lockett. Locket was NEVER available to take the citizens call and never returned the repeated messages left for Lockett. After several attempts on the third day. The prominent citizen called and said that he was Grant Rosenberg with Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale’s office. We are informed that Lockett immediately answered the phone.

So, it appears to our multiple sources that if you are with the Knox County Mayor’s office than Bill Lockett is “your guy” and he is the “Mayor’s guy”. But if you are a County Commissioner or a citizen than he (Lockett) ain’t your guy.

So, this little Friday story begs the question. Whose are You?

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