Knox County School Board and the Lame Big Metal Shed on the Hill

The Knox County School Board has some legislative priorities, although they are not legislators. They should know their role but since they don’t, let me do what ole Jack McElroy and the Big Metal Shed on the Hill are too lazy to do.

Opposition to School Vouchers – it has been documented that there won’t be legislation this year and it’s the same thing every year – guess the school boarders have nothing better to spooked about but an issue that is not going to be proposed and discussed.

The Teacher Performance Evaluation shows the school boarders ignorance of state law.   TCA 49-1-302: The evaluations shall be a factor in employment decisions, including but not necessarily limited to, promotion, retention, termination, compensation, and the attainment of tenure status; however, nothing in this subsection (d)(2)(A) shall require an LEA to use student achievement data based on state assessments as the sole factor in employment decisions. therefore, you should ask them why they have chosen to use it as the sole factor when the state statute doesn’t require it

Assessments – What data do the school boarders rely on to know it’s developmentally inappropriate since Knox County has not used the 2nd grade assessment?  Do the school boarders have proof or are the just regurgitating the published  TEA talking points? Why does the Knox County School board not want to know where our Kindergarten students are entering school to help drive classroom instruction to help them learn?   Are they interested in what’s best for students or what’s easiest for teachers?

When will McElroy and the Big Metal Shed on the Hill care about the students of the Knox County Schools and not just ensure an elected position for their Democrat cronies?

By the way, Districts One, Four, Six, Seven and Nine are up for election on May 1, 2018. You need a petition with 25 registered voters signatures filed by 2/15/2018 at NOON.

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