Is Silence Lobbying for a Job For His Wife with Haslam?

On Michael Silence blog over at knoxnews he is defending the Knoxville Mayor’s participation in the Mayor Bloomberg anti gun group. Why would Silence do this? His wife is a campaign consultant. Could he be lobbying for a job for his wife? Could he recognize what business unit in Knoxville purchases 50,000 plus newspapers and gives them away on Friday’s. So, he could be sucking up to them?

Of course, now Haslam says in hind sight he shouldn’t have joined the Bloomberg group. But he wouldn’t commit to resigning the group saying that would appear to be pandering to pro-gun folk. But, Haslam did tell Silence that he bought his son a shotgun for Christmas. That would be pandering.

Why would he refer to us as pro-gun folk? If he were one of us Second Amendment people then he wouldn’t have to refer to us in the third person. If he were truly a Second Amendment person. He would say pro-gun persons like myself.

As for his first signature with the Bloomberg group, sources within the NRA inform me that a letter was sent to him by the NRA asking him to resign the group and Haslam did NO such thing. So he can can now write the pro Second Amendment people off his list of potential voters.

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