Ole Bud Appears Conflicted, Appears Out of His League and Appears to be Trying Real Hard to Improve His Lot In Life

Ole Bud Armstrong has been sitting on an ethics complaint since late September, the knox county provision does not say that it is the role of the law director to receive it and have his “employee” investigate it. It says that the complaint is to be given to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee investigates. But you see the latest complaint is on two Knox County Commissioners. Ole Bud is the Attorney of the County Commission, he sits with them, talks with them and holds their hands every step of the way, He has an interest to protect his client, the county commissioner.

In the Knox County Code of Ethics Section 9 it states clearly that a complaint is to be directed to the Chair of the Ethics Committee. It states the County Ethics Committee shall investigate any credible compliant (NOT THE LAW DIRECTOR) It states that the Committee can take any of 5 actions.

In the Ethics Committee Process it states the Law Director shall forward the sworn complaint to all members of the Ethics Committee. It does not give the Law Director authority to investigate with or without his band of merry agents. It states the “Committee makes the determination whether complaint is in proper order and credible”. The opinion of the Law Director is irrelevant. The Ethics Committee is a Citizen Panel for one reason, to keep politics out. The Law Director has put himself in with his opinion to protect his cronies and clients.

Rumors are circulating that Ole Bud has been letting it be known he would like to land at Knox County Juvenile Court as a Magistrate in order to replace Juvenile Judge Tim Irwin or have County Commission put him in a Knox County General Sessions Court Judge position when a vacancy occurs.

As for this “investigator” that slow walked an alleged investigation from late September 2017 until this week, for him to write in his report that he “was unable to locate a phone number” for me, demonstrates to me, in my opinion why he is working for Ole Bud. My numbers are all over the office he supposedly works in.


The great news from a marketing perspective of BrianHornback.Com is that Ole Bud and his investigator read and cite BrianHornback.Com in the report. How my answer is any different than the the reporter of the Knoxville News Sentinel is only different in the author’s narrative and spin.

The tactic of Ole Bud to stall is nothing new. Look at how the office has dragged their feet on the Cathy Shanks suit. Look at how Ole Bud settles suits and pays out Knox County taxpayer money to incarcerated inmates, employees that file bogus lawsuits (i.e. against former Purchasing Director Hugh Holt) to name three.

Finally, this WBIR report says the Knox County Ethics Committee will meet on February 14, 2018. On Friday, Knox County Commission Office sent out a Media Advisory that the February 14 meeting has been rescheduled until March 7, 2018. Another stall tactic?




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  1. SouthKnoxRebel says:

    Bud and David Buuck using Terry Moran is a kin to Watergate, the coverup is worse than the crime. If Bud and Buuck had simply followed procedure instead of stalling for John Mills to make up story after story….all.to protect the Corryton Cronies….it would have been over in October.