Do the Right Thing – Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America

One of my Christmas gifts is the book Do the Right Thing by former Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee. The book was released in mid November 2008.

The book details his presidential run that resulted in a second place finish in the Republican primary. Huckabee finished second to the eventual Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. The book details the difference in his campaign and the others like Mitt Romney. Romney possessed unlimited money for his failed campaign and an arrogant moral superiority complex. Huckabee flew commercial airline flights while every other candidate flew private charter flights. However, though it was necessary due to limited cash and a shoe string budget. It is also an indication for his appeal to the grassroots. Because he was in constant contact with Bob the Business Traveler, Cindy the Commuter and Joe the Plumber everyday.

In the chapter Welcome to Washington, D.C: The Roach Motel he identifies the problem that is Washington. All of these individuals check in to the Roach Motel. They begin partying and eating at the expense of the taxpayers and they enjoy it in there and they stay. That can be said for local politicians that serve in two or three positions but not for a limited time. They stay for 20 years or more. Or they stay for four terms, sit out for 6 years and then they want back in.

He details his plan for Health care in the Chapter Quit Treating Snakebites and in the chapter The Fairness and Force of the Fair Tax he details why he believes in the Fair Tax today just as he did when he endorsed it in his campaign.

The best chapter for me personally is Faux-Cons: Worse than Liberalism. I have been trying to figure out about some of these Republicans and Huckabee has nailed it and the term that he has developed for this type of Republican is Faux-Cons.

This book confirmed for me that in October 2007, I did the right thing in endorsing, supporting and casting my vote in the 2008 Republican primary for Mike Huckabee. I only hope that we get the chance to do it again.

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Mule says:

    I hope he runs too! Palin/Huckabee or Huckabee/Palin, either one would get my FULL support for the National Republican ticket! That’s something I’d pay to see!!


  2. Your guy is a one termer. It doesn’t matter who runs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are simply incorrect…you would have done the right thing by supporting Ron Paul…he is the ONLY decent candidate who upholds the Founding Fathers virtues. All the rest were charlatans and participants in the same slime of which Huckabee wrote (including Huckabee).

    By the way, taxation is THEFT, pure and simple…to support THEFT under the guise of a “FAIR TAX” will be difficult to reconcile with the Almighty!!!! Think about that.

  4. Anonymous, you should read the Faux-Con Chapter. That is the only chapter on Do The Right Thing that you should read.

    I respect your right to believe and say what you believe. But the attitude that you have that you are the only one that is right and everybody else needs to shut up and get in line is what hurt the Ron Paul candidacy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Incorrect again…you have no knowledge of my attitudes about anything since you don’t know me, but I will state that I am correct in believing Dr. Paul’s message is the ONLY political salvation for this country since it comes from those intellectual giants that founded this country. I wall also state that in no way am I against anyone’s right to speak his or her mind, or have other opinions… it is the Republican Party elite, power brokers, and special interests who have told Dr. Paul supporters to “shut up and get in line.” Kentucky and Minnesota (among most other states)., all disallowed Dr. Paul’s message during their conventions, as did the Republican National Convention (a strangely similar thing happened to Pat Buchanan). Dr. Paul won the Nevada vote, but was not allowed the delegates. What do the Republicans fear from Dr. Paul? (That is a rhetorical question, by the way, but you may attempt to answer it.)

  6. Steve Mule says:

    A few thoughts and questions …
    I think … what hurt the Ron Paul campaign the most was not the motely collection of nut cases that went to his rallies and wore his buttons and what-not … no, what the Ron Paul campaign the most was RON PAUL, himself.
    I wonder … “Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America
    “That’s” is a contraction of “that is” present tense verb, in this context something that has started but isn’t complete. “Back” in this context signifing something has been here but isn’t anymore. Hmmm … where’s it, “common sense” been? Where has it been these last, oh, let’s say, eight years?
    Hmmm… “It is also an indication for his appeal to the grassroots” Hmmm … I wonder … how much good it did him? I think … Obviously not enough.
    I will not attempt to predict 2012, except to say that Huckabee will again be an also ran and that Tina Fey will experience another career boost; probably shorter than this last one.