Bill Lockett is Unprepared

Tonight at the Knox County Commission meeting an item for discussion was the possible replacement of Scott Moore on County Commission during his appeal of the ouster suit. Lockett asked the committees to defer as he would have a statement prior to taking action. His statement was about a case out of Cocke County entitled Baker.

County Commissioner Mike Hammond asked Lockett about a law that passed last year in the Tennessee General Assembly that made it mandatory for a replacement to be selected within 120 days. Lockett said he did not know and would have to check. They delayed the item until later in the meeting to accommodate Lockett’s sloppy work.

I am an Eagle Scout. My Eagle Scout was awarded in 1984. Mr. Lockett was photographed in his campaign material as a Boy Scout leader. The Scout motto, “Be Prepared”. Mr. Lockett failed the Scout motto today.

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