Dr. Toyos Suspends Campaign for Senate

Effective immediately Dr. Rolando Toyos and the Toyos for Senate Campaign have ceased campaign efforts.

Toyos said, “My dear departed mother used to say, “when faced with obstacles do not complain but instead figure out a solution and work harder”. I have exhausted every possibility to keep my name on the ballot that would not be distracting to the Republican Party and the truly important issues facing our country. I will not pursue other remedies. I will work harder in the future to prove that I am a bona fide Republican. I want to thank all my supporters, volunteers and family for their constant dedication, diligence, and prayers. I would like to thank Shelby County Probate Court Clerk and SEC Committeeman Paul Boyd, Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell, and State Senator Richard Briggs, MD for coming to my aide and submitting vouchers testifying to my bona fide status. I will be working hard for the rest of the election season helping my fellow Republicans. Again, thank you for your support and let’s keep fighting for conservative principles. God Bless America!”

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