The Sheriff Endorsement 2.0

Yesterday’s post about Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones letter endorsing Lee Tramel generated a lot of reaction. From the spouse of a former failed Sheriff candidate in 1994 to individuals asking how the Sheriff could use his title to endorse one candidate over another.

Unfortinately, at some point on social media I got drug into a discussion that in hindsight looked like I was defending the Sheriff and Tramel. My role as an informative website is too report what happens and call the balls and strikes (referee, if you will) So in the future if you wanna ask questions about why or if it’s appropriate, Call or email JJ.

I had no idea this letter from JJ would rattle the cages, if I had considered that, I would have posted the same letter Spangler received from Blount County Sheriff Jim Berrong. He used his title weeks or months ago in a similar manner.

So there is the play by play…..let the game continue.



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