Welcome Sherry Witt to BrianHornback.Com

Today, we welcome Sherry Witt Republican candidate for Knox County Clerk in the August 2, 2018 Knox County General Election. Early Voting July 13-28. Witt has been crashing glass ceilings for years. She was the first female Register of Deeds, more than 10 years ago. After her May 1, 2018 Knox County Republican Primary win for Knox County Clerk, when she is elected and takes office on September 1, 2018, she will become the first female Knox County Clerk.

The position of Register and Clerk is about Customer Service. Based on the last 10 years as Register, she will do an exemplary job as Clerk. The employees will be empowered to do their job without fear of retribution. Witt will clearly train the employees on the task and the expectations of the job. The office will eventually run as a well oiled machine.

Knox County Republicans are fortunate to have Witt as one of it’s key leaders in the party. With Cathy Shanks as the other Republican countywide officeholder retiring 8/31/2018, it leaves Witt as the sole Republican Countywide Elected Official. Of course, there are many Republican women like Knox County Commissioner Michele Carringer and First Vice Chair Suzanne Dewar.

Having strong, effective ladies in the Republican party is NOT a new concept or an election year political gimmick for the Knox County Republican Party.


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