The Consistent Conservative

This morning, I called into the Bob Bell Morning Show on WRJZ Joy 62 and talked with Bob about the Bailout/Rescue bill. I primarily called in to talk about my friend and my Congressman John J. “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr.

During that conversation I labeled my friend and my Congressman as a “Consistent Conservative”. You see so many “politicians” blow into Washington, DC and they label themselves as Compassionate Conservatives. When you examine their record, there is nothing conservative about them. Some professed conservatives go to Washington to vote against it on Monday before they vote for it on Friday. A Consistent Conservative votes against it on Monday and Friday, no matter how much pork is put into the bill. A Consistent Conservative doesn’t flip flop with the sway of Washington, DC.

Now, I didn’t agree with my friend and my Congressman when he voted against the funding for the Iraq war. But, do you realize that he was right when he talked way back then about what the ultimate price tag would be for the war. He was then and is now a Consistent Conservative.

I am proud of my friend, my Congressman Jimmy Duncan. He is the Consistent Conservative.

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2 Responses

  1. Stushie says:

    Amen, brian. We are very fortunate to have Jimmy Duncan as our rep.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You do realize, don’t you, that the more conservatives shout “free market” and so on, the more people realize that conservtive principles don’t work and the more you all sound like Hoover (the failed Pres, not the vacuum cleaner)?