TWRA is Out Of Control….

Thanks to my friend Justin Denny tweeting me this WBIR story about the new TN boating move over law.

In the story, TWRA Officer Jeff Roberson says, “Every vessel stop is a BUI investigation, as well, until we determine otherwise,” That is unconstitutional as – – – -. This is guilty until proven innocent.

It is time for the Governor, State Legislature somebody to reel this rogue agency in. Families lost their farms and personal properties through eminent domain for TVA to build the damns and lakes we have and now we have a state agency assuming everyone on the lake is intoxicated.

I would have loved to see TWRA pull over my former Southern Baptist Pastor Dr. Doug Sager when he was on his bass boat “Visitation”  and assume he was BUI, alcohol never touched his lips.


PhotoCredit: WBIR

PhotoCredit: WBIR

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