Where’s Phil? Phantom Phil Ghosts on the 4th of July

Phil Bredesen didn’t appear at any 4th of July celebrations over the past week, leaving Tennesseans to wonder where he spent Independence Day. Was he at his $2.4 million mansion in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? His $1.2 million waterfront home in New York? Or just taking the week off? We are all left wondering where’s Phil?

Here’s how Phil recognized Independence Day on Twitter:


On the other hand, Marsha Blackburn participated in six Independence Day celebrations from Lancaster to Gatlinburg. She’s out talking with voters and working hard to earn every single vote. Once again- the contrast between these two candidates could not be more clear.


Congressman Marsha Blackburn with Brian Hornback in Farragut on 7/4/2018

Congressman Marsha Blackburn with Brian Hornback in Farragut on 7/4/2018






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1 Response

  1. Randy Pace says:

    Phantom Phil does not have the physical stamina to serve in the US Senate. Electing him to that office simply hands the left another vote. He certainly will not be doing any real work (not that many of them do) Don’t expect to see him in Tennessee or Washington longer than 10 minutes at a time. You can certainly expect to hear from the press and his supporters though.