Eyes are on Blount County, TN Election

A source in Blount County, TN say that eyes are on the August 2, 2018 election. Only 6 positions (on the County Commission) in the entire county are opposed by a Democrat challenger to the Republican nominee, eyes are on the Absentee ballot(s) and the process(es). Surprisingly, the Daily Times has been made aware of some of the absentee applications that have been submitted and to date they have done absolutely NOTHING to report it.

A reminder about a couple of the governing law(s) concerning absentee ballots are:

Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-6-202(c)(3) – A person who is not an employee of an election commission commits a Class E felony if such person gives an application for an absentee ballot to any person.
Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-6-202(c)(4) – A person who is not an employee of an election commission commits a Class A misdemeanor if such person gives an unsolicited request for application for absentee ballot to any person.

Blount County Commission

District 1 A

Rick Hudolin

Jackie Hill

District 1 B

Joe McCulley

Tanya D. Martin

District 3 A

Scott King 

April White

District 4 C

Brian Robbins

Jeff Barbra

District 5 A

Jared Anderson

Ginny West Case

District 8 B

Jeff Jopling

Kathleen Puckett

All the following positions are unopposed as no Democrat Candidate Qualified to Challenge the Republican nominee.

District 2 A Mike Akard

District 2 B James (Jim) Hammontree

District 3 B Mike Caylor

District 4 A Robbie Bennett

District 4 B Dawn Johnson Reagan

District 5 B Rick Carver

District 6 A Nick Bright

District 6 B Dodd Crowe

District 7 A Tom Stinnett

District 7 B Staci Crisp-Lawhorn

District 8 A Brad Bowers

District 9 A Ronald W. French 

District 9 B Steve Mikels

District 10 A Linda Jenkins Webb

District 10 B Tom Hood

County Mayor Ed Mitchell

County Trustee Scott Graves

Sheriff James Lee Berrong

Circuit Court Clerk Tom Hatcher

County Clerk Gaye Hasty

Register of Deeds Phyllis Lee Crisp

Highway Superintendent Jeff Headrick




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