News Sentinel and Pilot/Weigels Motives Explored

Why would the News Sentinel last Friday as their top of the fold headline story orchestrate the gas fear buying? Why would the News Sentinel bury the stories of North Carolina and Florida Attorney Generals investigating Pilot for price gouging? Could it be because Pilot buys 50,000 newspapers on Friday to give away for free every week?

Could it be that when Pilot/Weigel’s saw that the News Sentinel was increasing its rack price 50% from 50 cents to 75 cents on Monday that Pilot/Weigel’s assumed they could increase the price of gasoline per gallon like the News Sentinel and no one would notice?

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. piratenewstv says:

    And don’t forget the $20-million TIF that Knox News Sentinel got free from the taxslaves in Knoxville, for propaganda services rendered, past present and future.

  3. nigelstout says:

    What does Weigel’s have to do with this? You said Pilot buys and distributes the Sentinel, and that seems reasonably logical. But does Weigel’s actually have any connection to Knox News or is it just being dragged down because it is another local gas station?