Welcome Home, State Representative Eddie Smith

Back in the Republican Primary of 8/7/2014, Eddie Smith and his opponent Jason Emert both were featured on BrianHornback.Com Smith edged Emert out with 28 more votes. Then on the November 2, 2014 General Election Smith beat one term State Representative Gloria Johnson with 182 more votes. Smith was unopposed in the 2016 Republican Primary, In the November 8, 2016 General Election Smith beat the challenge from former one term State Representative that had challenged him two years earlier by 151 votes.

This past Thursday Smith was unopposed in the Republican primary, he received 4,951 votes and his Democrat opponent the same one from the past two years received 4,238 in the Democrat primary. This year there is also an Independent opponent on November 6, 2018 ballot.

Smith is back on BrianHornback.Com and I am happy to welcome him back,  to promote his candidacy and his effective Representation of TN State House District 13. Check out his website here or click the banner ad on the main page of this website.

Smith Banner Ad

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