Fourteen Years Ago Today

On this day fourteen years ago the first post was published. When I hit the first publish post, I had no idea of the hundreds of thousands of page views I would receive every 30 days, I had no idea what a “unique IP address” meant.

Of course, the strategic partners did not begin in 2004, that would not begin until 2013. I am Blessed to have all the readers I have. The ones that like me and the ones that don’t, because they all come to see what is here.

Politics has been my passion for over 35 years. Some people enjoy golf, civic organizations. My passion is this, I rationalize it by saying that it beats gambling, alcohol or drug addiction, it seems less costly to me anyway.

Thank you for reading me, for sharing your thoughts . Let’s do this another year. Cheers!

Our logo as one of the night partnerships


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