Knox County Commission VOTES 8-3 to Expand Blasting Operations into the Marbledale Community

Tonight, the Knox County Commission voted 8-3 with Commissioner David Wright leading the charge to allow the old American Limestone quarry to begin phase one of a three phase march into the Marbledale community. For the record, I have extended family that live on Fawver Lane and their family has owned the property for many, many years. Even on the property long before the Quarry entered the picture 40 plus years ago.

The Commissioners appeared to be getting agitated with the length of the meeting and this debate, had they NOT wasted more than 90 minutes patting officials that are leaving office on September 1, 2018 on the back and mugging for the camera and instead done the work of County Commission in representing the constituents of Knox County it would have not gone so long.

The emotions of Mrs. Brogden of Fawver Lane were not persuasive to the 8 Commissioners as she talked about the fear she has when blasting is going on while her house and everything in her house shakes. It is as if the company is simply pushing these people out with actions that shake them to their core.

The three Commissioners that voted NO were Commissioners Ed Brantley, Bob Thomas (this is their last meeting) and Evelyn Gill.



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