TN House District 19, You Have a Choice, Michelle Westover

TN House District 19 has been represented by Republican Harry Brooks for a number of years and he is retiring. There is a Republican and Democrat running. BUT, for those of you that say that you vote for the BEST person without consideration to party, YOU have a choice. Michelle Westover is running as an Independent.

She is a native of the 19th district, still living on the family farm that has been in her family for over 80 years. Her interest peaked in public service when Knox County approved the Midway Business Park with no consideration to protecting the underground water, most people in the area are still on well water and septic tank for sewage.

Michelle Westover and I met over lunch at Sam and Andy's Fountain City to discuss her campaign.

Westover and I met over lunch at Sam and Andy’s Fountain City to discuss her campaign.

Westover is a lifelong resident of East Knox County, she is married to Jerry Westover, together they have six children. She is a public servant, NOT a politician. She is a Independent candidate, not governed by party.

As the 19th district State Representative she will

introduce a bill to protect agricultural and rural communities.

Implement change in the Child Welfare program.

Work to provide better benefits for our veterans.

Check out her Facebook page, here.

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